Services and Pricing

Recorded (ROBO) Calls

  • Call-in number to record your call on your schedule from any phone
  • 30 second, 45 second or 1 minute delivery length
  • Direct review of all recordings and volume editing for clarity
  • Acceptance of lists in almost any format: excel, comma-delimited text,
    tab-delimited text
  • Scheduled or immediate delivery with payment
  • Calls left with both live recipients and answering machines
  • Full messages left on answering machines
  • Assistance with the purchasing and selection of call lists
  • Technology to gather data during calls - automated polling
  • All calls placed - no shaving of numbers.  On-line phone vendors promise low per call rates but don't actually place all calls ordered.  We always dial all numbers. 
  • Phone number append to existing lists (two day turnaround)
  • Price quoted is the price charged.  No hidden fees.
  • Pricing dependent on list size.  Under 3,000 dials - flat $250 fee.  Over 3,000 dials fees range from 2.3 cents per dial for very large volumes to 8 cents for smaller volumes.
  • Newest technology on the market - no computers in the basement of a home or unreliable web phone lines.  Actual calling technology based on the U.S. Phone Platform. 
  • No re-selling of exisiting technology.  Republican telephones controls the technology directly to ensure completion of calls.

Live Phone Centers

  • Live centers based in multiple locations within the United States.
  • Accent neutral callers
  • Assistance with script writing and deployment
  • Acceptance of lists in almost any format: excel, comma-delimited text,
    tab-delimited text
  • Monitoring of call centers to ensure quality
  • Adjustment of scripts during call sessions to improve delivery and response
  • Fast turnaround
  • Competitive pricing
  • Data gathering during calls
  • Pricing determined by length of script, time of delivery and size of project
  • Calls placed for 30 cents and up depending on project